Dr. Christian W. Hahn, a respected general and cosmetic dentist, formulated TheraSalt through the close observation of a select group of patients – ocean surfers. Dr. Hahn began to notice a trend in the health of his patients’ gums. One group had healthy gum tissue, the other less healthy gums, yet each had the same average oral hygiene habits. The difference? Those who spent significant time in ocean salt water (about once per day) had remarkably healthier gum tissue than normal. And so the notion of a therapeutic mouth rinse was born. Dr. Hahn’s observations are supported by centuries of usage of ocean salt as a therapeutic healing remedy.

    Dr. Hahn created a potent healing aid that would deliver the concentration and composition of pure ocean water, enhanced with powerful natural antibacterial agents and free of the contaminants unfortunately found in our waters today. Unlike ordinary table salt, natural ocean salt contains dozens of essential minerals and trace elements. No synthetic mineral supplement can equal the wealth of minerals natural ocean salt supplies. The living cells that make up our body are literally composed of a solution almost identical to ocean salt water. Many mysteries still exist within ocean salt and why it works so well to help heal tissue. What we do know is that natural ocean salt water works wonders to improve gum tissue and help heal wounds.

    Dr. Hahn practices dentistry in Louisville, KY. He founded the practice known as "Ideal Dentistry", which focuses on high quality natural, cosmetic and functional dentistry. Having grown up in Germany, Dr. Hahn’s family relocated to Louisville in 2004 after having practiced dentistry in California for 6 years to allow their children to experience a similar environment which he finds ideal for family life.

    Currently Dr. Hahn serves on the Board of Trustees and on the International Relations Committee for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.         He is a 1998 Magna Cume Laude graduate from the USC School of Dentistry, founder of the Southern California Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, Inc., Dr. Hahn’s Naturals, Inc., and Ideal Dentistry, Inc.

    Dr. Hahn has been featured in “A Personal Story” nationally on The Learning Channel (TLC) providing a Smile Makeover.

    Cosmetic dentistry is a passion Dr. Hahn actively pursues, and he has been published internationally multiple times in highly respected dental journals.

    Dr. Hahn is Laser Certified and extensively trained in aesthetic and comprehensive dentistry.
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