It has been well documented that Xylitol at about 8 grams per day can significantly inhibit bacterial growth. One way to get your 8 grams is to daily chew about 5 pieces of high quality xylitol gum. Now we have incorporated the benefits of XyloSalt and Xylitol gum to bring you XyloSalt GUM. Not only are you getting a large portion of your daily Xylitol, but you also are getting the benefits of our Therasalt, resulting in a healthier and whiter smile! 

Dr. Hahn was asked daily which toothpaste he recommends in his practice. This was a difficult question since he did not feel there were many good choices. After having developed TheraSalt it was essential to bring out a toothpaste that incorporates this highly effective ingredient. XyloSalt toothpaste is a tooth powder. Formulated with XyloSalt and baking soda, this tooth powder eliminates all non-essential ingredients such as glycerine. Simply add a few drops of water, hydrogen peroxide (only if you do not have any silver mercury fillings) or colloidal silver to create a paste. Voila, you have a highly effective natural mouthwash. Store the paste in a sealed container or mix a fresh batch before you brush. 

XyloSalt is the purest form of mouthwash you can buy. This proprietary blend of the finest Sea Salt (Therasalt), Xylitol, and natural essential oils is great for helping your mouth heal and maintaining optimal oral health. XyloSalt has no ingredients you can't pronounce! XyloSalt is simply combined into a 4 or 8 oz. bottle of water, used for a week and discarded. This way no preservatives are needed and you receive the finest and healthiest mouthwash available, period.
Why use Dr. Hahn's Naturals over other well known products?
Dr. Hahn developed his line of natural products mainly because everything his patients were buying was somehow falling short of what they promised, while at the same time not educating the patient about the negatives that may be present.

These are Dr. Hahn's principals required for optimal oral health:

1. Proper PH: The mouth is a very complex environment, and minor changes in the acidity of the mouth can have major negative consequences. The normal PH of the mouth is about 7.4, roughly neutral. Bacteria and other organisms such as fungi live in acidic environments. Teeth start to demineralize at about a PH of 5.5, making them much more susceptible to bacteria, which of course do much better in that lower PH environment. This is a vicious cycle, and eventually the result is tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease. Many mouthwashes are preserved by maintaining them at a PH of much less than 5.5. That just does not make any sense. Take a look at the following well known mouthwashes and their PH:

The Natural Dentist: PH 3.2
Peroxyl: PH 3.7
Listerine: PH 4.3
BreathRX: PH 4.7
Scope: PH 5.4

2. No Alcohol: Alcohol is another way to preserve a mouthwash, or claim that it kills bacteria. Certainly alcohol kills bacteria, but alcohol may irritate the sensitive oral tissues as well. Just by the vast amount of "alcohol free" mouthwashes now available it is apparent that people don't like the burning sensation it creates. There is great controversy regarding alcohol in the mouth, but I never recommended it to my patients and I have frequently been able to identify patients who use high alcohol containing mouthwashes through the appearance of their red gum tissue. Removing this irritant from their daily routine made a significant difference.

3. Other Herbal ingredients: While some herbal ingredients are wonderful for the mouth, not all are always appropriate. This goes along the lines that while a few are good, more are not always better. Some "natural" products have almost every herb available in it. This concerned me because we know relatively little about herbs and should use them with more caution. Some herbs are not to be used while pregnant, yet I see many mouthwashes out there that have these herbs in them yet have no warning regarding a possible conflict. This is unfortunately because the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) does not regulate herbs. My products use only a few highly effective herbs that can be used safely by anybody.

4. Other Ingredients: Most mouthwashes and toothpastes contain a list of ingredients that only a chemist can understand. That does not scream "natural" to me, and I feel we need to get away from science coloring our products and making them smell and taste good artificially. Most people now are aware of such names as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, but many more exist. Dr. Hahn's Naturals strives to maintain the highest level of natural organic quality possible, without the use of any product that are known to be possibly harmful.

5. Extraordinary Claims: Many products have claims that seem too good to be true. As the general rule goes, if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. No product exists that can single handedly make a significant difference without proper oral hygiene. "Curing" periodontal disease, for instance, just is not possible; it is a disease that can be maintained quite well, but it is always present once you have it. If optimal oral health is your objective then a comprehensive approach is required, which includes seeing your dentist and dental hygienist regularly, brushing and flossing, as well as having a proper diet.

Dr. Hahn's Naturals was founded by Dr. Hahn because of the above reasons, and we stand behind our products 100%. Please do your research on the internet regarding the above points, the vast amount of information available could never be properly summarized here. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.
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